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3 SEO Strategies To Increase Your Traffic

If you’re setting up a website for your salon, odds are it’s with the goal of increasing awareness of your business. In order to do this, you’re going to have to increase the exposure of your website and boost the traffic coming in. How exactly can you do this? By implementing a strong SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Optimizing your website for SEO will make it easier for Google to index and rank your website. The higher it ranks on their search engine results page, the more exposure you’ll get, in turn increasing the odds of boosting your web traffic. However, optimizing for SEO doesn’t just mean tossing in a few keywords into your blog posts and calling it a day. There are many different SEO strategies out there that can help strengthen your website’s ranking. The following are three of the most effective SEO strategies that you should be using:

1. Earn inbound links

One of the factors that Google will take into account when ranking your website is the number of inbound links you have as well as the quality of those inbound links. When you get an inbound link, Google assumes its because your website is providing high quality content. The more inbound links you have, the more popular your website must be. Google also tracks the sources of your inbound links to make sure you’re not using link farms, which is a dishonest way of building links that Google frowns upon and penalizes. So how do you earn inbound links? By making sure you share your blog content on social media, by linking to high quality, relevant websites and hoping they will link back to you in return and by doing guest posts on other blogs.

2. Optimize your website for mobile use 

Guess what? Almost 64 percent of all Americans own a smartphone. Many of them are using their smartphones to access the Internet. In fact, 10 percent of Americans own a smartphone but have no other means of accessing the Internet. This means that there’s a pretty good chance a lot of your web traffic is coming via mobile use. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, visitors are going to leave your site immediately because it won’t be user-friendly. Not to mention that Google’s new algorithm update rewards mobile-friendly sites with higher rankings on mobile search, while demoting the mobile search ranking of sites that are not mobile-friendly.

3. Use local SEO

Make sure that you use local keywords, such as the name of your city, in order to rank higher for local searches. As a salon, there’s no point in targeting customers halfway across the country from you, after all. In addition to using local keywords, make sure your NAP (name, address and phone number) is consistent over all your platforms and submit your site to local directories such as Yelp or Google+ Local.

Make sure that you are using these three SEO strategies in order to boost the traffic to your salon’s website.