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4 Essential Marketing Tricks for a Successful Salon

In order for a salon to be successful it must have steady stream of clients, something that can be difficult to achieve at times. That’s why knowing how to market your salon is so important. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of owning a salon because it creates visibility and credibility for potential and existing customers, and builds a solid reputation within your community.

Salon’s have unique marketing options available to them due to the wide variety of tools and strategies the beauty business can use to promote their services such as sending postcards, hosting events, or raising money for charities.

Below is a list of the top four marketing tips every salon owner should know:

1. Events – Hosting a local event that showcases the latest beauty trends can be incredibly successful for building reputation and clientele. Try hosting a “Beauty Day” for Mother’s Day and offer your services at a discounted price, or even provide your services for free. In order to have a good turnout, spread the word about your event as much as possible. Place an ad in your local newspaper, hand out postcards, hang flyers, and promote your event on every social media outlet available.

2. Charity – Contributing to your favorite charity not only helps those in need, but can also be an extremely effective marketing strategy. You can advertise a special offer given to those who donate their hair to Locks of Love, such as a free haircut and styling, and make sure to tell all of your customers about it. Or, simply choose the charity you are passionate about and start a campaign in which you donate 25% of all proceeds, once a month. Then, you can use these campaigns as a way to spread the word and create buzz around your salon.

3. Post Cards – A quick, affordable, and effective marketing tool, post cards are the perfect way to bring in new customers. Personalize your salon’s postcard to reflect the style and atmosphere of your business, and you could also offer a special discount for first time customers. Another great benefit to postcards is they are incredibly easy to distribute, either in person or by mail.

5. Social Media – Social media is essential to creating a successful business, no matter what industry you are in. Though, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google+, Instagram, etc., can be especially helpful for people in the beauty business. Give your clients a behind the scenes look at your salon, while also adding personal flair with stories and images that personally reflect you and your business. Also, these sites can be extremely effective for spreading the word about your different advertising campaigns. It’s very important to keep your accounts updated with lots of fresh and engaging content.

Knowing how to market your salon effectively can make or break your business. The simple tricks listed above are an affordable, convenient, and fun way to bring more customers through the door of your salon. You can also use this opportunity as a team building experience among staff members by getting them involved in the marketing process, which also gives you access to several different perspectives and ideas, something that can invaluable to a small business.

Take a little time each day to execute these simple but effective marketing strategies and you will see a significant increase in both profits for your business, and to the quality of relationships that keep your salon successful.