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5 Ways To Promote Your Salon Without Giving Discounts Out Like Candy

Most salon owners out there feel that the only way to get people trickling through the door at a constant flow is to offer discounts. These may come in many forms, ranging from social media offerings to coupons, but they are still discounts. One way of looking at discounts is that they are a tool for attracting a new set of clientele. The problem with this approach is that these random clients may not come back when the price goes up to the standard level. Another way of looking at discounts is that they are a liability that needs to be compensated for at some point. This piece looks at 5 top salon marketing strategies that do not involve discounts.

Create some hype around your business

There is a chance that your salon is doing very well on one front and completely bottling it in another. If rivals seem trendier and more welcoming than you do, then it is time you looked at what they are doing differently. Conduct surveys on the internet and have your following suggest what they feel could better your establishment. Be open to criticism and allow your clients to post their feelings online and take everything in your stride.

Shake up your menu

Salon marketing needs constant re-invention. If you have been doing the same things for years, then you have gone way off track. You will need to shake things up by looking at what is trending and implement it. There is always a reason clients give a salon a wide berth and choose another. If you do not have ideas of your own, look around and see what everyone seems to be interested in. Borrow ideas from the internet and the media. You can also have your workers offer insights. If you still do not get anything to go on, create the illusion of diversity by designing variations of the same way of doing things.

Go beyond the obvious

Minimal effort will bring you clients, but not enough of them. If you have a new development, put it online and track its effects. If an event related to the general field of salon management crops up, get in on the conversation. Try to handle issues to completion. Take advantage of events and milk them dry. Always keep in mind that the goal is to reach out to as many people as possible and win them over.

Get philanthropic

People are always touched by businesses that care about the community. They will come to you if you show concern towards the environment and affection towards the disadvantaged. Create corporate social responsibility events and have people attend. Take that opportunity to sneak in subtle linkage to your salon because that is what you want them to remember at the end of the day.

Show appreciation

Your clients want to feel wanted. They want to belong, and this is precisely what you should give them. Treat them like friends. Ask after their families and always know their interests. When they bring you prospects, reward them. Give them a reason to keep doing what they do for you.