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6 Marketing Tips for Salons

The competition for salon owners continues to grow stiffer as this niche industry gains more popularity. With the number of salons on the rise, every beauty salon owner is clamoring to figure out how to better engage with their current and potential customers. This includes discovering innovative ways to build a brand, and increase its awareness in the community.

Whether you want to reach new customers or transform those you already have into loyal clients eager to further promote your brand, you need to take into account the following 6 marketing tips for salons.

1. Understand Salon Marketing
For starters, you need to understand what salon marketing is all about. You need to have top-quality services to promote, friendly staff and fair prices in order to spike interest. Then, you need to make the most out of social media in order to intrigue your target customers and make them aware of your presence online. Social media is probably the best marketing channel for new salon owners, as most people are looking for a new salon on the Internet.

2. Post Unique Content
Use Facebook and Twitter to take your business to a whole new level. All your blog posts and social media posts should entice your customers to crave for more of you – more of your brand, products, services, online presence, insight, etc. For instance, if you have a new hair salon that brings a new vibe, make sure to post photos that appeal to the young public.

3. Provide Exclusive Deals
Whether you promote your business on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, make sure you redirect all your customers on your Facebook page, where each new customers can have the chance to receive a gift. Entice them to share your posts in order to get various discounts. You can offer 10% off the next purchase for users who have liked your page, or give a $50 gift card on a beauty package for a customer who has brought a friend to the salon in the last month.

4. Make the Most out of Business Partnerships
Business partnerships could be extremely effective in the long run, especially if you want to improve your presence on the market and maximize your profit.

5. Use Instagram
Instagram is simply the best when it comes to photos. That’s why you need it – you work with real people and offer long-time changes. Take photos such as “Before – After” where you emphasize the amazing hair cuts your experts provide or the fashionable make-ups your salon offers.

6. Track your Progress
This is one of the most important steps of a successful salon marketing campaign. While many hair and beauty salons find monitoring, measuring and tracking their progress a boring and unnecessary task, the naked truth is that it is vital, especially if you want to thrive in your niche and last more than two years on the market. If you track your progress, you will be able to discover exactly what works and what doesn’t, and you will get to know your customers better.

For more information on how best to market your salon, contact the experts at Salon Marketing Gurus today!  We specialize in providing Salons with SEO, PPC, Website  Development, and Video Marketing.