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A Four Point Marketing Plan

Have you ever wondered how some salons seem to have instant success while other fall by the wayside?  It has been said for decades that the best advertising is word of mouth.  Unfortunately, if you wait for that form of advertisement to pay off, you may be waiting for a long time.  The face of America is changing and becoming a tech-savvy and digital information centered culture.  This is why it is vital to have a clear and organized approach to your salon business to assure success and long-term future income.  At Salon Marketing Gurus , you will find a template for a solid business plan that will help guide us as your team to create a path to proven and fact based results.

Four Point Plan

In order to take advantage of all that the Internet has to offer with regards to your advertising budget, we take your business through our four point system: web design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing and analytics and reporting.  Here at Salon Marketing Gurus we can design the perfect web site image for your business to assist you in the location of those loyal and valuable customers that will be the reason your company will flourish.

Web Site Design

Having a web page is necessary today if you want your business to be a strong player on the market.  The need to have a winning image is so important as well as a workable and understandable web site that discusses what services you offer, an introduction to your vision, employee biographies and salon contact information-just to name a few of the areas that Salon Marketing Gurus can assist in.

Search Engine Optimization

Most people use the Google Search Engine when seeking out new information and there are plentiful results.  The closer that you can get to the first post of the first page will be invaluable to you advertising dollars.  With our knowledgeable team we can track this for you and help focus on what advertising words will best describe your business.

Pay-per-click Marketing

It is a fact that businesses have a 200% return on investment on Google Ad Words.  Knowing this and utilizing this information is going to help you connect with your customer and bring them to your front door through getting you to the first page of results for top search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google.  SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can give you the edge when you focus on the keywords that call up your business to the web.

Analytics and Reporting

Salon Marketing Gurus well-trained and Google Analytics certified team can assist you in utilizing the easily installed software (Google Analytics) that will track how your customers are interacting with your website to make the appropriate adjustments to assure the best use of your website.

Through these well-proven tools, Salon Marketing Gurus will work with you to create a successful Internet marketing plan to assure the growth and development of your well-respected and expanding business.