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Best Digital Marketing Tips For A Local Salon

Even before the digital world came into existence, there were some local stores like departmental stores, salon etc which are there for several years. The traditional marketing strategies like pamphlets, billboards and brochures etc used to be the only means of marketing back in those days. But the situations have changed fully and now you need to plan well for the best digital marketing. You have to look for certain things like mobile marketing, social media marketing, user experience, search visibility, data analytics, CRO and brand building. If you own a salon then here are some necessary tips for proper salon marketing that you need to follow.

  1. Use Of A Microsite

If you are completely dependent on the traffic of your offline store and its sales, then you must learn what the impact of those shares, likes and fans on social networking site or the search engine result is. Social media is, undoubtedly one of the good channels for marketing but microsite is the best option.

It can be a topic of argument that the social networking sites can capture data like interests and demographics. But the answer is “NO”! It can be better and more effectively done by the microsites. It will be better if you can tap a microsite into your the Facebook or other social networking sites. Facebook is a kind of borrowed medium which you do not own. So, for mining your data more effectively you will need a microsite.

  1. Consider Mobile Friendly Website

Those owners who invest some money to get a better web presence than those who are just go for cheap websites, get better sales and traffic to their stores. So, it is very much important for you to make a well designed and optimized website. If you have an online presence, which you should have, then you must make sure that it is optimized to mobile layout too. A mobile friendly layout will be easier for the people to navigate who are using mobile phones for searching. Moreover these online visitors can be effectively converted into your potential clients for the salon. Thus having mobile optimized website or a responsive design for website is very important for better salon marketing.

  1. Clean Data Tracking Benefits

Having a clean data implemented for analysing and getting great data tracking experience is very much important. In the beginning of the campaign you need to set your data tracker properly that will help you from the very beginning. Otherwise you can loss many data and could not track them. It is important to measure in order to achieve the business objectives and strategic goals.

  1. Using Multi-Channel Attribution

Do you have any idea about what is going on in your website right at this moment or what are the visitors currently doing on your pages? Do you have any visitors at all? What types of measures you are taking to engage your visitors? You are not even sure whether the customers coming to your salon are your online visitors. These are the things you need to know when you are spending on salon marketing. The report must contain that X amount is spent by you on Facebook Ads that has led to Y numbers of online users to visit your salon and spend some Z amount for getting your service. So, it is as simple as this to evaluate whether or not Facebook Ads are yielding something for you or not.