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Brilliant Salon Marketing Ideas to Try

In salon marketing , the client-stylist relationship plays a vital role. People often look for salons based on recommendations, word of mouth, social networking sites, and reviews posted online.

That said, hair and beauty salon blogging is considered to be one of the best ways to attract customers, while maintaining a client base at the same time. Hair is important to a lot of people, especially to women, and they want to find a salon whom they can fully trust their hair with. Here are some of the best ways on how you can utilize the Internet to promote your salon:

Write Product Reviews
The most reputable hair salons feature product reviews on their official websites and blogs. Likewise, clients heavily rely on their stylists for advice on what products to use and what hairstyle would look best on them. They trust that salons are capable of recommending products honestly. Product recommendations that can make the hair look like it just came from the salon is also one of the most sought after reviews.

A great example of this is the M Salon in Houston Texas. They review products, such as shampoos and conditioners in a short, but informative format.

Showcase Events
Another way to attract customers is through having an online journal or portfolio of the events that you have handled in the past. The New Leaf Hair Studio in Bristol, Rhode Island, is an award-winning salon that specializes in makeup and bridal hair and they regularly update their blog. They feature beautiful brides having their make up done by the salon. Through this, prospective clients who are in search of a salon that’s capable of beautifying them can easily look through the archives and see if the salon is capable of doing the kind of look they want.

Before and After Photos
A lot of people are always in search of a salon that features before and after photos. Most of these are interested in seeing how skilled the salon can be. If they can perform interesting and drastic changes that can fully transform the look of their client.

Salon and Staff News and Awards
Avanti Salon in Boston, doesn’t only specialize in beautifying their clients, but they also take good care of their staff and do their best to give back to the community through charity work. On their blog, they advertise fund-raising efforts in order to raise the awareness of their clients, readers, and visitors.

Tips and Trends
An effective way to market your salon is through posting helpful tips and trends that your clients can try. A blog that features how-tos, tips, and so on could easily attract the customers.

The Jeffrey Lyle Salon’s Being Blonde blog isn’t your average beauty blog. The owner of this blog regularly posts the latest trends, not only the salon business, but in art and fashion as well. By visiting his blog, you’ll have an idea of what the salon atmosphere is like. The music being played on his blog is also played in the salon itself. Aside from that, he regularly posts about the happenings in Boston, that it also acts as a ‘travel guide.’

These are just some of the basic salon marketing ideas that you can try. If you have more, don’t hesitate to share it with us.