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Common Mistakes Salon Owners Make That Must Be Avoided

Owning a salon is very customer-care intensive. Every person that walks in must be treated perfectly with the intent of turning them into regular customers. Unlike other businesses, salons are not just judged by the quality of their work but also the general atmosphere: the repertoire with stylists, the services, the environment, and even how long a person has to wait before getting their turn.

With that in mind, salon owners have to be very careful with how they handle their business. This is why it is important to make the right decisions even as you avoid serious gaffes that can reverse the loyalty of the client base. That being said, here are some of the common mistakes done by salon owners and how to avoid them:

Working as the Stylist

Salon owners typically start off as stylists but once the business takes off, the stylist must be set aside in favor of the business owner. This means that instead of spending eight hours personally handling clients, it would be better for the salon if the owner invests on other business-improvement changes that will help build the brand. This involves marketing and the building of a “culture” within the salon – both of which will be discussed later on. Keep in mind that owners can always hire a new stylist, but the work of an owner / manager is not something easily replaced.

Developing and Firing

Clients often have “favorite” stylists to the point where salon owners become afraid that this “favorite” will go away and become a competition in the market. Avoid this fear by building a culture in the salon that inspires the best stylists to stay and continue working in an assured environment. Of course, this is not always feasible so investing on development programs for new stylists is crucial. Make sure that both old and new people are continuously learning by providing tutorials and trainings to hone their craft. With a constant supply of excellent stylists, there is no fear of losing one or two experts in the salon. Do not be afraid to fire if it becomes necessary.

Ignoring the Marketing

Salons depend heavily on returning customers, but in order for the business to grow, owners must invest on a marketing strategy. This is why it is crucial to take a break on being a stylist and focus on how to bring in more people in the business.

Salon marketing strategies can be anywhere from offering loyalty cards to providing a 2-in-1 service to clients. The options are vast and it would in a salon owner’s best interest to explore them all.

Going Cheap on Products

Having excellent stylists is crucial, but carrying the right products is even more important. For the most parts, salons are where people go when they can no longer handle their personal grooming needs. Using any item that can be bought off the rack somehow voids the need of having to go to the salon. Be circumspect with hair products used and do not be afraid to go for the best ones.