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Creative Salon Marketing Ideas for Better Profit

If only haircut works in a way where you could attach a tag in your client’s lock saying, “Haircut by Jessica,” you’ll be able to get a free advertising for a job well done– just like wearing brand names on t-shirts.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Haircuts don’t have any branding opportunity, no matter how stellar the outcome was. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get the exposure you need. In fact, there are plenty of ways on how you could attract customers, and we’re here to discuss some of that.

Hair Salon Marketing Tactic #4: Be Your Own Model
Nobody wants to get a haircut from someone who can’t even fix their own hair. Take this an opportunity; make sure that you always look your best. This would allow your clients to easily trust you

Hair Salon Marketing Tactic #5: Business Cards Should Always Be Ready
Since you’re also a model of your Salon, whenever a client compliments your hair, you could hand them a business card.

Hair Salon Marketing Tactic #6: Consider Blogging
Nothing works better than online marketing. As a hair stylist, you probably know the best products to use, the remedies for a bad hair day, and so on. Try to share your knowledge to others, and this would boost your visibility in search engines.

Hair Salon Marketing Tactic #7: Contests!
A good haircut only costs you time, but it could help you attract more customers. Thus, you should throw away some contents that ask people to follow you on social media. Not just that, to show your credibility even more, you can ask previous clients to post testimonials, as a way of entering the contest.

Hair Salon Marketing Tactic #8: Be Updated
Do your assignment and try to be updated with the latest trend about hair styling. Use this to your advantage and offer these services to clients who are interested in trying new things.

Hair Salon Marketing Tactic #9: Host a Promotion at a Public Setting
Art festivals and even by just setting up a booth at a local park can be your way to gather more customers. Offer free bang trims or free haircut. This act of kindness would be a great way to attract prospective customers.

Hair Salon Marketing Tactic #10: SMS Marketing
Reminding your clients about your salon through text messaging is a great way to increase your bookings. You could send reminders for their 6-week follow ups, and offer discounts for that.

Hair Salon Marketing Tactic #11: Email and Newsletters
If you already have a blog, then filling up a monthly newsletter would be a piece of cake. The newsletter should feature news, promotions, and informative posts that your clients would find useful.

Hair Salon Marketing Tactic #12: Daily Deals
On your social media accounts, try offering a one-deal-a-day for one of your services. Local customers have probably subscribed to your feeds, allowing them to stay tuned with your deals. No need to share your profits with other daily deal sites. Just use your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for this.