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Effective Salon Advertising Tips

In the current climate a business’s website is almost as essential as their mission statement. A client can only become part of your business if they know it exists and they will likely find that out via website. So how do you promote your salon? More importantly, how do you promote your website? What is salon advertising in this modern world?

When you’re in the market to visit a new shop or restaurant, the first thing you probably do is hop online and research them, right? Well your potential clients are doing the same thing. Salon advertising is no longer as simple as placing an ad in the local newspaper, you need to go digital. Here a few simple to steps to get your business found online and to get more customers through the door.

  1. A strong website design is essential. You may have built your own site (or maybe you didn’t), but you need to ensure that it’s easily navigable for potential customers, otherwise your bounce rate is going to be through the roof. It should be functional and intuitive with all the essential information above the ‘fold’ or scroll line of your homepage. Don’t bury it and assume people will scroll down. They will get on your site and if they don’t see what they want straight away, they’ll hop off. Make it as easy as possible for them.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is king. You may have heard people use the phrase, ‘content is king’ well on your website, that’s absolutely true. Your site should be full of relevant keywords that will help you get to the top of the organic search engine results. If you offer massage at your salon and you know people are interested, sprinkle keywords like remedial massage, hot stone massage etc. throughout the copy of your site, this means when someone is searching those terms online, you have a better chance of showing up organically.
  3. Paid advertising. Again, we are not talking about traditional salon advertising where you place an ad in a glossy magazine, we mean SEM or Search Engine Marketing. If your SEO isn’t doing the wonders you’d hoped it would, you can actually pay third party search engines like Google to get you on the top spot for relevant searches. this can be competitive/costly so be sure to limit your spending amounts and focus on well written ads.
  4. Go viral. Video marketing can get you everywhere, create strong videos that people will be tempted to share, the more clever the better, this will increase your traffic and hopefully increase your customers.

Digital marketing is a balance between strategy and creativity, but the returns for your business can be phenomenal.