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Four Types of Marketing For Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you know the importance of getting the most bang for your marketing buck. Regardless of the products you sell or the services you provide, these are the very best types of marketing your small business needs to utilize, each of which provides specific, individual benefits.

Video Marketing

You have a website, which is a start, but in this day of age, everyone else has a website, so it doesn’t automatically stand out from the pack. You need to boost the search engine rankings and make it both more helpful and attractive to visitors.

Video marketing works in a few different ways. First, people are more willing to watch a two minute video than read a block of text. And, as a visual based small business, highlight the designs and services you provide within the salon can help.

Video marketing also helps people find your website through YouTube and video searches. To help position you as an expert in the field, consider creating instructional videos for your salon and YouTube channel (if you want to create such a channel). Videos such as how to perform certain intricate grades, how to maintain treated hair, improving hair moisture during dry summer months and so on. All of this helps boost your search results and expand your marketing presence.

Email Marketing

When running a website, always provide an opt-in service. An opt-in is where someone types in their email address for more information, for discounts, updates or really anything else. These emails are worth their weight in gold. Once you start collecting emails you can perform email marketing. Sending out specific messages, including deals and new service information to these recipients helps generate income without actually spending much money (if any) at all. You can ask for email addresses within the store as well, which should pay dividends later on.


This is a pay based marketing platform. While the other options are free, this one does require you to pay a bit of money, but it is likely well worth it. Short for Pay Per Click, this is where you create an advertisement that is placed on other websites (such as cosmetic stores or locations with similar keywords). You don’t pay a cent unless someone clicks on the advertisement. Well targeted PPC ads (make sure to include your location within the keywords) can prove fruitful.


Do your best to boost search engine optimization of your website. By using specifically targeted keywords, using these keywords in headers and page tags while also utilizing images, you will improve your search engine ranking and begin seeing more traffic.