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Getting Old Clients Back

Clients come and go — but why?  

Don’t take your clients for granted! Too many stylists make the mistake to believe that “once a client, always a client.”  That philosophy can play havoc with your schedule – and your bottom line. Working to keep the clients you already have can be just as important as trying to bring new clients into your salon.

Why Clients Leave

There are a lot of reasons that clients find another salon.  You may be concerned that it has something to do with the service they received – and it might. But, more often than not, clients walk away for other reasons.

  • You aren’t keeping up with new trends.  Are you still offering the same old services?  Take a look at your current client demographic and add some new services that they might enjoy – or expect.   Younger clients are going to want you to offer new styles and trendy products and services while older, more affluent clients may expect a higher grade of service and atmosphere.
  • They may feel underappreciated.  Long standing clients expect a certain amount of interest. If Angie has been coming to your salon every month or so for the last few years you had better be keeping up (and remembering) what’s going on in her life.  Make small talk.  Send her a birthday card.  Ask about her sick aunt.  Most clients build a level of trust and camaraderie with their salon staff.  Use this friendliness to let your clients know you appreciate them and their business.
  • Your salon is no longer convenient. Maybe a treasured client moved a few miles away; got a new job; or had some other big life change.  Be sure to stay in touch.  Let him/her know of later salon hours; changes in staff; or even upcoming specials. Use some basic salon marketing strategies to remind them why they loved coming into your salon in the past – and why they should do so again.

How to Get Old Clients Back

There are a lot of reasons why clients may venture away. The good news is that there are plenty of salon marketing tactics to employ to get them back.

  • Start a salon advertising campaign.  Getting the word out about your salon and the services you offer can be a good reminder for past clients – and a way to pull in new clients.
  • Take your salon website design seriously.  Websites are a wonderful way to advertise your business and attract new clients. It can also be sued to pull past clients back in. The key to using your website properly is designing one that is both informative and interesting.
  • Hire an Expert.  Not sure how to put together proper salon advertising or build a solid salon marketing campaign? Hiring an experts like those found at www.salonmarketinggurus.com can help you develop a winning strategy to both build your business and expand your client base.

Building a business isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of industry knowledge as well as the ability to become a salon marketing guru. Lucky for you there are plenty of experts that can help guide your efforts and make your marketing campaign a real success.