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How To Get Your Salon Website The Traffic It Deserves

Most salon businesses are starting to realize the importance of websites as a customer acquisition tool. Yet, having a website is one thing, having a website with traffic is another.  The truth is, there are only a handful of traffic sources that is worth the effort or money. Below are a few of those:
Paid Advertising
Google offers a pay-per-click program, also known as Google Adwords. What it does is to let you advertise in Google search engine results page and its network. Google then charges a fee for every visitor that clicks on your ad.
A word of caution, Google Adwords may be very effective, but it can also be a huge sinkhole. Be sure that you are choosing the right keywords and pricing the bids appropriately. Most importantly, track how much you are spending and how much the ads are generating income for you. From there, you can tweak your ads to maximize benefits.
Google Places Listings
Google is always trying to come up with something new to make it easier for users to navigate the web and the world. A fine example is Google Places.
When you use Google Places for any kind of business search, it will bring the top 7 results based on your exact and current location. One big advantage of Google Places is that it’s free to register. You can start on it immediately.
Search Engine Listings
One of the best sources of traffic is the search engines. After all, it’s the place where most people start whenever they have anything in mind while surfing the net.
Ranking in the search engines largely depends of several factors. However, the biggest factor is the level of competition. The more competition competing for a certain phrase or also known as “keyword”, the more its difficult to rank.
If you want to rank higher in the search engines, then you will have to do search engine optimization. To optimize for Google, you must understand Google’s objective; which is to create a great online experience for their users. Keep your efforts in line with that, and you will get high rankings without the threat of being banned or penalized by Google.
Good search engine optimization may be boiled down into two factors – good quality content and acquiring links.
This means, make sure that you create quality content that will provide value to visitors. On the other hand, make an effort to network with other websites to get links. That is why content is very important as other websites are likely to link to your saloon website if it has a lot of useful content.
You can also hire an agency to do the SEO for you. However, it can be expensive as SEO is a long-term endeavor.
Having a website for your salon is a good thing. Yet, it’s even better if it has traffic. For now, among the best sources of traffic are PPC programs, Google Places and Search Engine Listings.