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Keep your Salon Digital Marketing Strategy Up-to-Date.

The open marketplace has allowed for countless businesses to take flight. While there seems to be plenty of opportunities for businesses to launch, it can be increasingly hard to set yourself apart. No matter the industry there are countless options for Consumers to choose. This is certainly the case for the salon industry. A brief Internet search for a salon will produce hundreds of results in any major city. Thousands of men and women across the country are opening salons every single year, further saturating the market. In this hyper-competitive setting, salons must market themselves to remain relevant and stand apart.

The key to setting one apart from the competition in today’s market is through digital marketing. The difficult part of this is that digital marketing evolves and changes every single day. To put it simply, salons have to keep their digital marketing strategy up-to-date to be successful. The following paragraphs highlight some key aspects of what this means and how salons can capitalize on the ever-changing digital landscape.

In contrast to traditional marketing, digital marketing comes with one massive benefit: data. Salons can monitor how long people are staying on their website, what they are clicking on when they visit it, how many leads their current tactics are generating, and what people are typing into their search engines when they are looking for a salon. This data provides a wealth of information that any salon can use to tweak and alter their marketing strategy. In other words, data provides real information about what is working and what isn’t.

Technology changes overnight, so salons must be ready to change their digital marketing strategies accordingly. For example, 5 or 6 years ago very few people were accessing the Internet from their mobile devices. Today, a huge number of people only use their mobile devices to check their email, view their social media pages, or look for a salon in their area. This is why it is critical for salons to incorporate various marketing tactics aimed at mobile devices into their overall marketing strategy.

When consumers are searching for a salon in their area, they do so by typing specific keywords into a search engine and browsing the results it produces. 90% of consumers never leave the first page of results. Analytics and keyword tools can help your salon identify the most effective search targets, and then simple tactics can ensure your salon’s place on that first page. This practice is known as salon SEO, or search engine optimization.

A salon’s website is often a consumer’s first exposure to the business. Since consumers only stay on a website for an average of 7 seconds, it is essential that all salon websites are well designed, informative and easy to navigate. A simple, clean website design will grab the consumer’s attention, keeping them on the page and providing a greater opportunity for the salon to turn them into a customer.

Identify, understand, and capitalize on the salon digital marketing trends of 2015 and help your business grow.