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Website Design Tips – 6 Reasons Why WordPress Sites Are Better

If it is time to create a new website, then you need a WordPress site. While there are many reasons that this bold statement is true, here are six reasons that you need to consider.


There are over 25 million users that have created their website with WordPress. There’s a great reason why they have chosen this platform. Users find a variety of options available that allows them to customize their sites to suit their viewers individual needs. That saves you vast amounts of time because you do not have to start from scratch. For example, you can choose from a variety of templates that will allow you to create your site very quickly.

User Friendly

While the business owner finds many options when creating a website, most are so complicated that it takes a degree in computer science just to get the site up and running. That is simply not true with WordPress. Instead, WordPress gives you simple choices that are so easy that a fifth grader or your grandmother can have a site up and running in no time at all.


You know that your business needs to look professional. Creating a professional looking website is so easy with WordPress because you have the option of using over 15,000 plug-ins to customize your site. That way, you can create a site that is unique.

Easy to Expand

You know that you need a website now but you are not sure about what direction your business will take in the future. The great news is that when you choose WordPress you can expand your website every day if you desire. After all, WordPress was created as a blogging website design platform. Google and other websites love websites that are constantly updated so this allows you to place higher in the rankings bringing even more business your way.


While most business owners have no trouble creating their website design on their own, if you need help, rest assured that customer support is outstanding. You will discover that the technical support actually is one of the strengths of this company. Additionally, it is so easy to connect with other users who are willing to share their experiences.


Website design companies often want a fortune for their services. The great news is that WordPress is free. There is never a cost for using the platform. Making it even better, many of the plug-in enhancements are also free.

While you will find many choices for website design, the best one for your small business is WordPress.