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Why a Site Re-Design Can Help Your Salon

Salon marketing isn’t as easy as putting up a sign outside of your business or placing an ad in the paper expecting customers to pour in. Instead, you need to turn to the media of today’s society: the internet. Most modern salons have a website, but if it isn’t their most effective marketing tool, they’re not using salon website design effectively. To make your website into the tool you need to bring in customers, it needs to be expertly-designed.

A well-designed webpage isn’t just about the site looking pretty. Your webpage needs to be engaging, meaning it needs to keep the customer hooked. This is no small matter, if your salon webpage isn’t engaging it will drive customers away and ruin your online salon advertising.

How Salon Website Design Gains Customers

When a customer wants to find a new salon, most of them go to an internet search engine, like Google, to look for salons in their area. The salons that are highest up on that first page of these search results are usually the only ones that potential customers will look at first. When these potential customers are vetting the salons, they’ll usually look for a sleek and easy-to-navigate site. You might not realize it, but you’ve already read about two major parts of salon advertising through the internet: salon SEO and salon website design.

First, getting your website to show up on the first page of a search engine requires search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Salon SEO is the process of inserting the right phrases and using the correct webpage structure to make sure that your website is displayed by search engines. Why is this important? Because it makes sure that your site is visible to customers. It’s a lot like making sure your company is in the phone book or local salon listings, only much more effective. Second, creating a website that draws and keeps a customer’s attention requires intelligent salon website design. A website that feels clean, easy to navigate and enticing will keep a customer’s interest for much longer than one that feels thrown together just well enough to get the information out there.

How to Implement Salon Website Design

Most salon owners don’t have the time to learn all about salon SEO and salon website design. Instead of trying to make time, successful salons turn to the experts at Salon Marketing Gurus for help. Our experts have spent years studying SEO and web design. With their help, your site will start rising to the top of the search results where potential customers will actually notice it.

In addition to the initial salon website design and SEO makeover, our experts can monitor your website’s stats so they can continually optimize it for the highest visibility. Before you know it, your site will become the best salon marketing tool you’ve ever had.